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The Jacket

The reward. The reason. The 2012 goal.

I finish five Millennium Running races and I get the very first Millennium Running Series jacket. I signed up in December for the Shamrock Shuffle ,

the Rifest Five Miler,

the Millennium Mile 5K,

and the NH Ten Miler and Santa Claus Shuffle.

Three down two to go, but my most challenging one is just ahead.

I never thought I could comfortably run five miles, and here it is a year later and I have three under my belt, but ten! Ten, that’s almost a half marathon. That’s probably, at least, two hours of running. It will definitely be a test of my mental limits, but if I thought I could do it back in December than I must’ve known something then that I don’t remember now. I must’ve been much more brave.

Whatever the case, when I finish this series, I am wearing that jacket to bed.

Three miles tonight and some weight training– arms.

Shower, wine, bed.


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No regrets



I almost broke the plan on day two.
I was busy, then hungry, and finally laziness tried to take hold.

Now, I’m sweaty, tired and exuberant.
Four miles. Done.
Time for a shower, then my pillow, and finally a peaceful sleep.

No regrets.


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The plan

Look Mom! I’m flying!

With the exception of actually running races this summer, I have been seriously slacking in the training department. This is very bad because in a matter of weeks (eeks!) I have a ten mile race. September first is coming faster than I can run, so this week I’m making the plan that will, at least, help me survive the ten miler.

Hal Higdon is an awesome resource for training plans. My plan is to use HH’s novice 15K (9.32 miles) training plan starting at week six because I’m pretty comfortable with a five mile run at this point– which is something I NEVER thought I would say.

So here’s what my week looks like:

Monday: Yoga and a Tone It Up routine
Tuesday: 4 Mile run
Wednesday: 40 minute walk with Roxie
Thursday: 3 Mile run and strength training
Friday: REST DAY
Saturday: 6 Mile run (this will be my new longest run EVER!)
Sunday: 50 minutes of cardio

So, that’s the workout plan, but it’s going to take more than that to get me in better shape. I have to really follow my Weight Watchers plan. This last month has been all fun and revelry, but it’s time to get serious about eating (and drinking) healthy. So, what’s the plan:

Drink, at least four of these babies every day.

Eat clean all week, meaning no over-processed  junk.
No alcohol, except for wine night, but there will be no wine night if I skip even one workout this week.
Moderation and portion sizes.
Get lots of fruits and veggies.

Big salad

And lastly, track everything I eat!

So many rules, right? But I guess what it all boils down to is that I have to be a lot more responsible when it comes to what I put in my body.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I know there won’t be results by the end of the week. All I can do is take it one day at a time, so that in five weeks I’ll be ready to take on that ten miler with time to spare, or at very least a buffer should my commitment wain.

Alright, so that’s the plan, now it’s time for some action.

Wish me luck!


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Leap day

Leap Day seems as good a day as any to jump back into blogging.

Winter is almost over, but it won’t go out without a fight. True to the saying March comes roaring in with a snowstorm. The only snowstorm we’ve had since October (WTF?). I’m not a skiier, actually I don’t participate in any winter recreational activities, so this mild winter is A-OK by me. Dan is like a kid in a candy store with this storm, especially now that he’s in full on training for ski patrol. It makes me happy to finally see him happy in an occupation. Now, if only ski patrol was a paying job, then we’d be in business.

I’ve been slacking in my training. What the heck?! I’m ready for my first race. The Shamrock Shuffle should be an easy two miles, so I’m feeling pretty confident.  I’ve repeated the week five of my 15K training for the last couple of weeks. The good news is that I’m comfortable running four miles, but the bad news is that I’ve yet to tackle five miles.

I know that I need to just DO IT(!), but I’m at a mental roadblock. It’s really fricken stupid! I know I’ll get through this. I’m stuck on week five with five weeks to go before I can run 15K! That’s 9.32 miles! That’s insane! A year ago I had a sprained ankle and I couldn’t imagine running more than a 5K. It’s exciting, but there’s still a lot more work to do.


So, I’ve also decided that I won’t ever be a really strong runner until I commit to eating better. MUCH better! I’m going vergetarian outside the house for the month of March, I’m cooking more, and I’m getting a blender so I can make my own protein smoothies that will keep me fuller longer.

What else? In March I am not eating any more unnatural sweets until my birthday, March 31. That means no more candy, cakes, cookies, or soda. I’ve already cut back on my alcohol consumption. No drinking on the weekdays, with the exception of Wine Night.  I’m even thinking of joining Weight Watchers again, it was a really great motivator after college.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, I found this awesome blog called Skinny Taste.


Skinny Taste’s Easiest Pasta and Broccoli Recipe


I’ve tried three recipes so far, and they have all been delicious. I love that Gina includes all the nutritional information AND the WW point values. You should check it out if your looking for something new for dinner.

This all sounds crazy, right? But you know what, now I’m committed to it. We’ll see how it goes. Every day without a sweet, without a steak tip sub from Nadeau’s, and every day with at least thirty minutes of hard exercise will be a win.

I want to win!

So, how was your leap day? Did you anything crazy? Did you wear blue and yellow a la 30 Rock? (I didn’t.) I hope you had a great extra day!





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Before I get into my resolutions, or goals really, for 2012 I think I should recap my resolutions from last year. My resolution was to plant and maintain an indoor herb garden,and I kinda-sorta did. Let’s just say I’m still learning. This summer I had the most gorgeous basil, mint, parsley, and even some chives. Unfortunately, the basil didn’t hold up well towards the end of the summer, the mint is quickly losing it’s luster, and the chives never really seemed to reach their full potential. The parsley is still doing really well! So that’s something, right? I’m pretty confident that I can bring back my herb garden, no problem.

This year’s resolutions are actually goals. As you can tell by this little ol’ blog, I might have some trouble with resolution-keeping, I think it’s the pressure. This year I have three goals.

My first goal is to read only classic novels all year. I’m stil compiling my reading list, but I’m going to start with Tess of the d”Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. Dan gave me an old hardcover copy for Christmas. As soon as I finally finish The Cider House Rules, I will get started, and I’ll share my reading list in a later post.

My second goal for 2012 is to run a half marathon. No one is more surprised about this goal than I am. It began when I decided to train for ten miles, but couldn’t find any more than one ten mile race, and it’s all the way in September. I needed a more immediate goal. There’s a half marathon in Vermont in May and I think I can be ready in time. I haven’t committed to the race yet. I will make my decision by the end of the month.

If I don’t run the half in Vermont, then I’ll definitely register for the Manchester half Marathon instead of the relay, in fact I’ll register for that race anyway. Ultimately, I will run a half marathon this year. Cah-Razy.

My last goal is just to be happy. That’s it. I want to be happy with the things I have, and never want for more “stuff”. I want to be happy when times are difficult by always being optimistic. I want to be happy and not get jaded, which seems to seep into my life more with each passing year. Yes! I just want to be a happy person, and I want to make other people happy too.

So there you have it, my goals for twenty-twelve. I’d love to hear yours. Have you made any resolutions or set any goals? Remember, that the best way to realize your long term goals is to set smaller ones. Celebrate the little milestones and don’t be discouraged by minor setbacks.

Happy New Year!


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Recap and Review

Hi! I’m writing this post quickly before I head out for a work function this evening. I was hoping to get a run in, but there just isn’t enough time, so I won’t make the Pile on the Miles challenge goal of five miles this week. : ( Ah well. So, I’d to recap and review last month’s goals and share this months goals.

1. Continue training for 10K
I don’t think that I comitted to any goal more fully in the last month than this one. Training has gone extremely well. I missed a couple of 2 miles runs and some cross training, but overall I increased my weekly workouts. This Sunday is my five mile run as part of a Manchester City Marathon relay team. I’m so excited, but next year I hope to run the seven mile leg! (New goal)

2. Adhere to the family budget
This was tough because it was the first month, and we really had no idea how much we spent. This week, we’ll take a closer look at the budget we set and edit it to better fit our current and future needs. With the holidays coming it’s going to be more important than ever to watch where our money goes.

3. Read two novels
I finished the Woman in Black and started The Cider House Rules which has been a slow read for me. So far, I love it so I don’t mind taking my time.

4. Finish yearend schedule at work
CHECK! All my mailings are ready for print. I can’t wait for the results (aka holiday donations). I’m so proud to work for an amazing nonprofit, and I am always stunned by the generosity of the New Hampshire community even during times of hardship.

5. Commit to 3 service/volunteer projects for the holiday season
I’ve committed to one volunteer project for next month. Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Dan and I love ringing the bell, usually in front of my arch-nemesis, Walmart. Sometimes people even ask me for a song, and of course I oblige with my rendition of, “I’m singing! I’m in [front of] a store and I’m siiinnnng-ing.” (That’s an Elf reference.) Anyways, I’m still looking for two more volunteer opportunities for the holiday season.

OK! That’s a good recap, now the short version of my four November goals.

1. Keep training to run 6.4 miles (shocker)

2. Keep to the family budget

3. Post a meaningful blog post every day.

4. Start Christmas shopping

That’s it for now!

I can’t believe October is already in the rearview!
Any November goals that you’d like to share? Talk to me in the comments.


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October Goals

Generally, this time of year is a whirlwind for me. All the steam that’s gathered at work goes into full force, there are so many volunteer commitments, and then the holidays go off like a glitter bomb. It can get a little crazy. So, I though I would put down some monthly goals. Putting them out here on my blog will hopefully keep me accountable for achieving them, we’ll see.

1. Continue training for 10K
This means that I really need to complete all cross training and strength training workouts each week. They will make me stronger and help me build the endurance I need to run over six miles. I’ve been skipping them, but after a terrible 3.5 mile run on Monday, I now understand why they are so important. I’m also committed to taking a yoga class twice this month. It’s like a self-massage. My next race is a 5K for the New Hampshire Animal rescue League on October 16th. (If you are interested in donating to my team, you can do that here.)

2. Adhere to the family budget
Last week, Dan and I actually sat down and came up with a budget that will help us save money for the future. No more flying by the seat of our pants when it comes to spending money. Now that the plan is in place, I just have to live by it.

3. Read two novels
It’s important to make time to do what I really love, and I really love reading. Right now I’m reading The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. It’s very spooky. Fitting for the Halloween season.  The Cider House Rules by John Irving is up next. I’ve been meaning to read it for a long time, so when I saw it in the Hannaford book bin I took it as a sign.

4. Finish yearend schedule at work
Yearend is the most important time for nonprofit fundraisers, like moi. There is a long series of mailings and communications to reach out to all the people who mean so much to our organization. Once the planning is done, implementation should be a breeze, and it will be really great to see donations come in to help prevent child abuse and neglect in NH.

5. Commit to 3 service/volunteer projects for the holiday season
Two years ago I overloaded my date book with volunteer projects over the holiday season. I really enjoy helping out, but it was overwhelming, and I felt like I didn’t have time to commit to my own family. Last year, I was so burnt out from the year before and stressed out about moving (I don’t recommend moving in December), that I felt like I took on too little. This year, I think I will max out on three projects and see how that feels. Dan and I love ringing the bell for Salvation Army, so we’ll definitely do that again.

Well, that should keep me busy. Do you set monthly goals? This is a first for me, at least, writing them down. If you do, what are some of your goals this month?


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