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Obviously, I don’t get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. I let the gentle music of Boston’s independent music station, The RIVR, lull me back to sleep because Dan loves to snooze.
The other morning Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up on Us” invaded my slumber and I had a very vivid morning dream.
It was like a movie montage, snapshots of a man and woman falling in love. They were old-timey, maybe from the 1920’s or 30’s. They get married. They have a lot of good times: their dancing and laughing. Their sitting under the stars. Then, handsome husband has a drinking problem, lovely wife is angry, but they keep going. Together they have a son, and he dies in a war. Lovely wife becomes a war nurse. Together they go on.

It was all so clear, and it was all before the second chorus, which was when Dan decided he’d had enough and hit the snooze.
So, for your listening pleasure:

Have you ever had a vivid morning dream? I could probably write a movie, I probably should, based on all the crazy dreams I’ve had.

I hope you had a good Monday! Happy news coming soon!


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Starting weight: 155.8
Last weeks’s weight: 150.6
Today’s weight: 148.2
Down 2.4 lbs.!
Total: 7.6 lbs.

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So much new


I turned 29.
Dan got a new job.
We bought two new cars.
I joined Weight Watchers… Again.
I’m “training” for a ten mile race in September.
Finally, and awesomely, we adopted a kitten. Now, nine week old Chocorua (said: Shakura). She and Roxie are still getting to know each other, and it’s fun to watch.
That just about catches us up.

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That’s a thing right?

I’ve thought of blogging, but for one reason or another I put it off. The last thing that I want to do is make it feel like a chore. But! I promise I will have some new content this month, including a virtual tour of the new digs for those who haven’t visited yet and some projects that I’m working on to make it feel like home.


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En Francais

Last week my friends Erwan le Bot and Eve Demaret visited Manchester from Brest, France.

I was so happy to see them again.


Eve and Erwan at The Wild Rover

Erwan was here to exhibit his paintings from his project, Manchester by Bed. His project began two years ago from… Well, from his bed. He chose Manchester, NH from, then-burgeoning technology, Google Streetview to paint and sketch. HIs hard work culminated  to his exhibit this year at the Franco-American Centre.

Last Tuesday, while Phish fans were invading the city, Erwan’s exhibit opened. So many people came to see Erwan’s depictions of some Manchester’s famous landmarks, including the Pandora Mill, The Red Arrow Diner, and the Wild Rover Pub.


Photo Courtesy of Manchester By Bed

Photo courtesy of Manchester By Bed

Dan and I seriously considered purchasing an Erwan le Bot original. We were leaning toward this painting of The Wild Rover Pub. It’s a beautiful painting that would add a personal touch to our apartment, which I already deck out in vintage Plymouth postcards and Manchester artwork.

But the painting is also sentimentally significant because that’s where we always meet up with Erwan and Eve when they’re in town.

On this past trip they convinced me to go to France while we shared Belgian beer. So, I’m brushing up on my French, and by brushing up I mean starting from square one again.

I have the important French phrase down though. “Je voudrais en demi.”
Look it up.


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Fair Weekend

Back from a really fun and busy AngelicaL weekend. Saturday was spent at the World Chili Cook Off in Manchester, NH, which probably could have been better organized, but was fun. BUT! Sunday was the big fair day. You can’t miss the Deerfield Fair, but in case you did here’s some images so you won’t again.

I love the fair. I love visiting the animals and giving them some love. I love seeing what people with creative minds and busy hands come up with. I love browsing the concession stands, and finding truly unique and fun crafts. I love soup in a bread bowl while watching the dog demonstrations wondering, ‘could I teach Roxie to do that?’ I love all the things I couldn’t take pictures of, like the old man sitting on the bench with the plastic balloon unicorn under his arm and the little girl riding in the stroller with the ENORMOUS red plastic clown sitting on her lap, so big that she couldn’t see past it. I love the Deerfield Fair, and being able to share my perspective with you.

It was back to work yesterday, and it will be a very busy week indeed. Only seven days until vacation and I get to finally meet my little nephew! But until then I am so very busy.


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90210 Day

SO! I am friends with Buddy the Elf on facebook, if you don’t know my affinity for Buddy or Christmas for that matter then you soon will. Anyways, I’m friends with Buddy, and from time to time he gives me fun facts, like how many days it is until Christmas. We’ll today’s fun fact is that tomorrow is 9/02/10 or 90210 Day(!).

WHAT is Andrea doing next to Steve? He doesn't look happy about it either.

The REAL 90210, because I don’t know what this newfangled  90210 business is, ca-ca as far as I’m concerned.

Who was your favorite 90210 character?
I was a Dylan girl all the way, up until he broke Brenda’s heart. Then he won me back when he married then lost Toni. BUT, honestly, I love Steve Sanders, he was hilarious! He always gave it to Donna straight (why did she always wear the dumbest dresses?).

Who was your least favorite?

Andrea “it’s Aundreya” Zuckerman! Stuck up snot! I’ll keep it G, but all you PG-ers know what I’m thinking.

So join me tomorrow in celebrating the best television show in TV history.

Oh, and thanks Buddy!


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